Established 1987

To try and suit all needs and desires we offer courses of varying intensities. Consisting of a 60 hour course, which is studied over 10 weeks, with 2 hours of class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

When we are doing a 2 hour class, we always take a coffee break (or beer break) after an hour. We offer both morning and evening courses.
The maximum number of students per group is only 5, keeping it personal and offering maximum opportunity for each student to contribute. Private classes can be taken, whether alone, as a couple, a family or a small group of friends.

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Level One
Level One is a 60 hour course, which is studied over 10 weeks, with 2 hours of class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Alternatively, for those who prefer to take it at a slower pace, it can be undertaken with 2 hour lessons twice a week.


We start the course with the pronunciation of Spanish; with it being a phonetic language it is really quite easy to read and write.

We cover all types of verbs in the present tense, learning to use them in typical, everyday conversations. We also learn how to speak in the most commonly used future tense, saying what we are going to do. The course book and CD have been devised by ourselves, and are included in the price.

Level Two

Level 2 is also a 60 hour course, usually covered in 10 weeks, with 3 x 2 hour classes per week, leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays free for other activities.


Level 2 brings us into the past tenses, as up to now we can only speak of the present and the future. We cover both the Perfect Tense to be able to say what we have done and the Preterit Tense to say what we did. We also have a look at the Imperative Tense (giving commands), because it is so frequently used in Spanish. All the time we are building up our vocabulary and working on our ability to converse. As with level 1, the course book and CD have been compiled by ourselves.

Level Three
  • We now move on to complete our knowledge of past tenses, studying The Imperfect and The Pluperfect, “what we had done” – please don`t be put off by these absurd tense names. As we are now able to converse more and more, we concentrate on those “nasty” little words such as prepositions and also bring in the Future Tense (will) and the Conditional Tense (would). We also vary the teaching material using texts, songs, films and television.

Level Four

Having studied all of the tenses in the indicative mood, we now move on to study the different subjunctive tenses, in order to be able to speak more fluent Spanish, with the emphasis, as always, on the spoken word.

Conversation Classes

These are held twice per week for those who have studied the theory and wish to put it all into practise, in conversation. The small groups help to give everyone the opportunity to fully participate.

Dates and Prices

Key starting dates for 60 hour course, Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

2024 – January 8th.

2024 – April 29th.

2024 – September 9th.

The 60 hour courses, at whatever level, cost 645€, including the enrolment fee and course material.

Though there are courses of varying intensities, hence different prices, we can give you the example that a course of 3 hours of class per week costs 120€ per 4 weeks i.e..12 hours of class time.

Private classes:  1 student cost 35€ per hour. 2 or 3 students total cost 40€ per hour. 4 students cost 45€

Learn English

Private Classes

All year round. The classes can be taken individually, by a couple or form your own small group with friends. The time and the intensity of the classes can be arranged to suit.

Group Classes.

From September to June – 3 hours per week.

The time depends on the level.

Maximum of 5 students per group.

Preparation Classes For The Cambridge Exams

P.E.T (Preliminary English Test)

First Certificate